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Delightful Kids Room Ideas

OK, So we have bought a house and I am so excited to put my ideas into action! Thanks to The Design Files; of which I take most of my inspiration from; I have found these delightful kids room ideas. OOH my this is very exciting!♥  


Funky Baba

Australia has so many create people and a lot of fabulous-ness I want to go and live there. Zanui is a great on-line haven of yummy, funky and super cool items for baby or kids. 100% cotton muslin wrap Cooper Butterflies Print Canvas Storage Tub Awesome Owl Family mobiles Replica Kids Harry Bertoia Side Chairs… Continue reading Funky Baba


Shared room inspiration

Happy Monday all. Time goes so quickly, I actually can't keep up. I thought today I would post on shared room ideas. It is an interest for me because guess what? We are expecting our 2nd child in December! Yes I know, we don't really mess around do we haha. To be honest we are… Continue reading Shared room inspiration

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I have always loved black board paint in a home. The idea has been around for many years now and never seems to put me off. One thing I will notice is that painted in the wrong place makes the reason for having it seem less weighty and a waste of time. If you know… Continue reading BEING CREATIVE WITH BLACK BOARD PAINT