I am a lover of white - I do love the clean, fresh feel it gives any room. However, I do tend to veer towards a darker companion for a white canvas... I have found this interesting bathroom quite appealing. The small bath is perfect for kids and to double as a shower. I'm not… Continue reading B&W


Ozzie LOVE – Part1

Hello friends. This post is of great honor because it shows the houses that the BEST blog ever has shared. The reason I would like to share with you is because it inspires me no doubt to be me and to love creative spaces and homes. I look forward to Lucy's posts every day and… Continue reading Ozzie LOVE – Part1

Notes from me

1 year at CS – Thank you!

Good morning everyone, for those overseas - good evening to you! There is one post that I have wanted to do for sometime now and I thought the perfect time to do so was at Creative Stream's 1st birthday! I wanted to share with you the 3 top inspirations that have kept my blogging in tow. Never had I thought… Continue reading 1 year at CS – Thank you!