Cool Cat

Hello there. Now I know not everyone is a cat lover. I totally don’t judge. To be honest my cat was my first baby, and now she’s older and has become somewhat moody but I know it’s because she has climbed down the cuddle ladder and is now in 4rd place. Poor thing.

There is a idea I have had for years. To write a book. Many kinds of books actually and many story lines but this one is one that NEVER fades from my mind.

“The Tales Of Moo Cat”

I will get there. One day I’ll be able to sit and do the tales of our beloved Moo. But now, I thought I would share some really cool ideas for any cat lovers out there. Trust me, with these crazy cool ideas no cat will be in anything but 1st place ♥

Gorgeous right??!!








Pic source: Casicca  , homespothq, pinterest, crookenbrainsdesign42day, remodelista