Good morning. Now I know there is a lot of love out there for Black, Charcoal and Night Jewell#2. I am one of those who have indeed falling in love with that dark side. However, my heart honestly still skips a beat when I see warm & welcoming white decor & spaces.

It is quite hard to decide which I love best.

Here is some eye candy for you ♥



Source: Inside Out



Beautiful home of Jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen holds such calm and character. The colors are gorgeous and welcoming. Beautiful and elegant. This home is via Interiør Magasinet. Photos by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer.

Dashes of colour on unique artwork. White wooden and unpainted floors contrast pleasantly. I really like the simply white glass door.

Stunning chandelier hanging in kitchen – what a unique display. Simple lines and interior allow the paintings to penetrate the ambiance in each room.

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My appreciation for white interiors is improving. I have never seen myself living in all white interior. I get the feeling I would make it messy … with my books, magazines and photographs. With my impulse buys of cushions and accessories and day-to-day living. I’m not sure I could pull it off for long. But I drool over anyone’s home who carries it well. Like Jeanette from FRYD + DESIGN.

These bathrooms seen via Skona Hem inspire me. A bathroom is a place to relax, to freshen up. It is pure and calm. Clean and tranquil. What do you feel about white bathrooms?

All photographs are from Skona Hem.


There is much to say about the amazing calm white decor brings. Touched by a hint of colour. I get so inspired looking at these rooms and get so inspired to add more white to my home.

I am also a BIG fan of stripes at the moment. These cushions below are gorgeous! I’m sure you will see more stripes on CS.

Photo above via from Scandinavia with love seen from Skeppsholmen.

Photo via from Scandinavia with love, photographer is Stellan Herner.

Colour Series- White

For a while now homes shared around the blogosphere as well as magazines are revealing their passion for white. A lot of white is used to set the canvas of basically any room. But how do you get creative with white? Let’s be frank-all colours blend with white but you could have an array of colours in a white room and if you not careful, you can end up having a messy effect instead of a serene effect.

Photograph #1 taken by Stuart McIntyre for Skona Hem.

#2 & #3 Are taken by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer of her own home interior. Stunning isn’t it?

Photograph #4 reveals how just a simple bit of greenery and dash of colour can warm up this classical room found via Skona Hem.

#5 & #6 Are photographs of a beautiful apartment crisp and fresh with dashes of characteristic colour seen via Skona Hem by photographer Pernilla Hed.

Information on white: We all know white is peaceful, innocent, calming and bright. What white also brings to the table is ‘the manifestation of the presence of all colour” which I think is a fantastic way to explain white. White glorifies other colours. It also provides a clutter free effect as well as a fresh “new” feeling. It reveals purity and openness.

#6 & #7 are v ia Skona Hem.