Hello. How is your day going so far? My Friday is fine. We had a little burglary on Wednesday and they stole the laptop and Nikon Camera amongst mobile phones and perfume. Very sad indeed. It’s the work and photographs on the laptop that’s the loss … So I hope you don’t mind bearing with me while I regain all the posts/ photographs I had ready for you. For now I had this saved on the blog already. Thank good ness for planning ahead!

I love sitting down with a cup something and reflecting on work that needs to be done. Especially blogging but even just to read and get organised. A place to sit and be quiet. A place to be on your own and reflect. Do you have a great place to sit? A place to drink your coffee or glass of wine and unwind? A place you gather your thoughts and dream of writing a book? Perhaps it’s a place you get creative in. Maybe you don’t have time for that space but you have a chair that is ‘yours’?

Here are some good spaces for your bottom to relax in … Photos via Alvhem.

For more chair or desk ideas click here and here.


2 thoughts on “A PLACE TO SIT …

  1. Oh no you poor thing! That is so unfair… I hope you manage to recover them..
    On a lighter note – I love this blog post! Yes I love to sit somewhere quiet to dream and plan and be inspired.. I so look forward to getting your blog regularly in my inbox xxx


    1. Thanks Tracie! What an encouraging comment. Spread the word – the more followes, the more exposure artists get and the happier i feel. I also have that place to sit. Its the best 🙂


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